How To Make Your Blog Saleable?

How To Make Your Blog Saleable

A good way to make money online is to create blogs for sale. It is a good business now which many people are trying their hands on. If your blogs have good content, there are many people and companies that would want to buy it from you. They get a readymade blog with good content which they can use for their marketing purpose.

It is not that it is easy to sell a blog. There are many things that should make them qualify as blogs for sale. If your blogs can satisfy the below conditions, then you can sell them.

Build Archives

A blog with only new and few contents has no hope to be sold. You need to have a lot of interesting content for interesting reading. You should also build up a good level of archives for the blogs. Only then people will be interested in buying your blog.


Your blogs should have enough footfall to attract any prospective buyer. Buyers are only interested in blogs where there will be heavy traffic. They should be able to make revenue out of the traffic or at least be able to make use of the details of the visitors. That means, only if there are a lot of people visiting your blog, can you put up your blogs for sale.


Whatever content you post on the blog should be highly authentic. You should have enough incoming links from reputed blogs to assure the buyer that your blog content is authentic and not just spam. Another way to assure the buyer about the quality of your content is to be high on the google page ranking. Only with these qualities can you hope to sell your blog.

Niche Audience

You can hope to sell your blog even if the traffic is low if the people who visit belong to a niche group. If the audience is a group of people who will be the target group for a business or industry, then you can sell the blog even if the people who visit the blog are not much. Such companies will want this kind of niche audience for their marketing activities.

Good Design Sells

As with anything your blog also should look attractive if you want to put your blogs for sale. Your blog will fetch you more money if you have a good design.

The above are a few things that could make your blog sell faster.

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