Sell online, follow the steps of top companies!

Sell online follow the steps of top companies

Opening an online store can be frightening to anyone due to the doubts and confusions about how to do? Where to do? Who will help? Etc. Let’s keep all the worries aside and get inspired from shopify stores and their success stories. Each online store will have their own developed methods to success. Creativity and out of the box thinking will definitely get you a place in the online market.

Some of the shopify stores and their success.

HELM Boots

This store is based in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 2009. Helm concentrates on classic and vintage style with a touch of modern outlook. Helm has casual and work wear shoes both are produced in United States of America. Making it a 100 % US product. This small boot seller gained attention and got orders from the likes of Ben Affleck. They have grown and achieved a lot from 2009 as a handmade leather boots company.

Khara kapas

The word khara kapas stands for ‘pure cotton’. Their business was handmade clothing inspired from Indian culture. Their clothes are elegant in cotton with natural colors, variety of prints and very minimal design. Khara kapas products are produced in India but sold around the globe. This shopify shop does sales of $1500 every day.


This shopify store sells the best quality travel stuff for digital gypsies. It was founded by two people from New Zealand. They got into this business because they were unsatisfied by the travel stuff available everywhere. So they left their job and started of this store. In 2015, they did a campaign and got $707,631 from more than 2400 people. Their goal was just $10000. This is one perfect example of the success of a shopify store which worked with long term goals with passion in their business.

Kylie cosmetics

The famous Kylie cosmetics uses shopify to do their superb business online. They host some flash sales at times which are the biggest on the internet. Their products are sold out in flash of a second and there is no need to describe their income. This is also one good example for successful shopify store.


Nerdwax is a store that sells natural organic beeswax. The company received and rejected two offers from shark tank. This company made millions of dollars through shopify store till date.

If you passionate about your business and has the potential to work hard, soon your company will also enter the above list.

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